Executive Producer/Director

Trey Ore has been involved with film since an early age starting with Family Theatre with the Hurrah Players in Norfolk, VA and then as a Teen on various PBS specials and performing as an entertainer with Carnival Cruise Lines. After Graduating Old Dominion University, he moved to Los Angeles to work on a variety of films and TV Movies as both Actor and Production Assistant. Trey was a Casting Assistant at Bill Dance Casting, CSA and an Assistant to Neil Patrick Harris. This afforded him the opportunity to learn the inner workings of the Entertainment Business for the Production value as well as Actors perspective. This unique insight allows Trey to be a powerful as well as likable “Actors” Director.

After getting married in 1999, Trey felt called to move away from Hollywood and back to the East Coast. After a 10 year absence from film Trey began to focus his attention behind the camera winning 3rd place for the Short Film,  “Purpose Driven” @ the Gideon Film Festival in Asheville, NC. Encouraged and inspired, Trey then began to form a small team for his next project “Lost Along the Way”,  widely popular with the Youth Groups in Churches. In 2010, “My Name is Paul” came to fruition after many years interested in telling the story of Paul/Saul from the Bible. The Short film has been recognized at festivals around the world and was nominated and won many awards. This prompted Trey and his team to forge ahead and raise the funds to get the Feature Film in play. Trey is blessed to be part of the Story God is telling. Trey notes that “God is the Executive Producer for all of my projects, He just lets me put my name on it.” Trey and his wife Vanessa reside in Davidson, NC with their 3 children. Trey also had his first book published in 2009 title “The Fearless-Factor” and leads Men Bible Studies and also speaks at Men/Youth engagements to inspire/encourage others to pursue the dream that God has placed in their heart and to Be Fearless AND QUIET NO MORE.



After several years in Advertising, both in NY and L.A., Vanessa started a family and to pursue a life long passion of Acting. She began with writing short vignettes for Churches then Business Conferences and Dinner Theatre. Some time later, segued into film and found her niche.

Vanessa has appeared in several feature films as Supporting and Leading lady, Off Ramp to Eden, Palmetto Haunting, Pendulum Swings, and Virtuous releasing Mother's Day 2014. Also be on the lookout for Broken Faith coming soon from the Producers of Winters Bone and starring with Michael Joiner.

Vanessa's experience on set and off has established many great relationships that makes her a great fit as a producer to team the right crew for just about any project. She continues to study with some of the best in the business to dive deeper in to the craft with the goal of having the viewer believe the Character and the world that’s before them. Vanessa has been known for saying many times "I just want to tell a good story well." Vanessa lives in Davidson, NC with her Husband Trey and 3 Children.



Award-winning composer Jurgen Beck was born in Germany and began his musical journey early in his life. His passion and interest in music was directed toward training on the trumpet (Fluegelhorn), while at the same time picking up other instruments such as guitar, piano, and bass. His passion for harmonic structure stems from his early years of musical training and playing in a brass choir in Germany. Growing up in a country that has provided some of the most renowned composers in history, his love for music found further expression when he started writing all songs and lyrics for his band that went on to garner a growing following and essentially resulted in a recording contract and concert tours. Having received a full scholarship, he moved to the USA in 1987 to continue his music studies at a Christian college in Dallas, Texas. It was during that time that he began producing music for independent artists, allowing him to refine his skills not only as a composer, but all aspects of music arrangement, recording, mixing, and mastering audio. His love for film music essentially resulted in a natural transition from writing and producing music to writing for film. Recognizing the unique aspects of composing for film, he studied with renowned composer Leon Willett, who has been instrumental in furthering his understanding of harmony and musical structure. He also studied writing for orchestral instruments with Stephen Hill. Jurgen is a creative composer who loves to explore the multi-faceted aspects of music and how it affects the listener. This gives him a unique ability adding music to picture that engages the viewer’s emotive abilities to absorb the story. Whether it is composing for feature films, documentaries, commercials, or digital media, his passion is to bring whatever medium he writes for to life by adding a unique blend of electronic and orchestral elements. Jurgen, his wife Shawn, their daughter Arianna,and their two dogs, Gracie and Molly, reside in northern Texas. 




Tara Lynn Marcelle is a screenwriter, casting director, and producer currently living in Charlotte, NC. She has written four feature screenplays to date, and several short films, each of which have been produced, done well in the festival circuit, or have received worldwide distribution. Having grown up in a filmmaking family, she’s learned to excel in different facets of the industry from producing to directing, writing to acting. She currently runs a full-service casting company called E Marcelle Casting and is the official casting director for Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural in NC. In between film work, her time is spent caring for her four children.